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The SS-64 Subaudible tone encoder to:

Product instruction sheets:

SS-64 (360k) SS-32SMP(1.5meg)  
TS-64 (583k) TE-12P(194k)  
DCS-23 (690k) TE-32 (135k)  
ID-8 (687k) PE-4/15 Instructions (290k )  
DTD-1 (223k) TE-64 Instructions ( 800K )  
SD-1000 Instructions (203k)    
PE-1000 Brief PGM. info (17k) PE-1000 Manual complete (5.7MEG)  
PE-1000 Hook up info (81k)    
PE-100 Connections (34k)    
PE-100 Schematic (38k)    
TP-3200 Schematic (123k) TP-3200 Manual complete (7.2M)  
TP-38 Manual (958k) TP-38 TOS_DCS Manual (800k)  
TP-38 Schematic (136k) TP38 to ID8 Instructions (17k)  
TP-38 Brief Programming (6k)    
TP-38 Reset Instructions (4k)    
TS-32P Schematic (50k) TS-32 Instructions (1.9M) TS-1 Instructions (600k)
PE-2P Schematic (35k)    
CS-10 Power-amp (581k)    
SS-32P Instructions (211k)    

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