Now you can locate your non-GPS or GPS ARGOS PTTs to within a few inches. Recover and save data service fees or re-deploy detached PTTs and those on dead animals while determining the cause of mortality. For live animals, get real time visuals of exact location, foraging habits, interaction with other animals, possible mates, or nest sites. Also use the AL-1 to verify your PTTs are working prior to deployment. No ARGOS satellite assistance is required allowing PTT recovery even if the uplink path to ARGOS or the downlink GPS path is marginal. The range is several miles.


The AL-1 uses a very sensitive, synthesized receiver programmed to monitor the entire ARGOS band from 401.610MHz to401.690MHz in 2.5 kHz steps. It operates by measuring the incoming signal strength from the lost PTT and converting it to voice readout accurate to 1/2dB over a range of 120dB. A rugged, highly directional yagi antenna is supplied. This allows you to point the antenna in different directions, compare very accurate voice readout signal strength readings once a minute, and walk in the direction of the highest reading to the PTT. It is very easy to use with the receiver in your pocket and the yagi in one hand. If road access exists, using the supplied omni-directional antenna will allow you to drive to the PTT. A headphone jack is provided for silent listening if desired. The AL-1 also covers all GT (ground track) frequencies if your PTT has that feature.

1 Year Warranty

1 Day Delivery


The AL-1 is a complete kit of everything required to find your PTTs. It consists

of the following:


       *  Rugged, synthesized, handheld receiver with LCD display, voice readout of signal strength, and belt clip.


       *  Two rechargeable Lithium Ion battery packs for 20 hours of continuous operation.


       *  Drop in 3 hour rapid charger for both 110vac and 12vdc charging.


       *  Hand held yagi antenna with pistol grip and coax with standard BNC connectors.


       *  Vehicular magnet mount omni-directional antenna with optional aircraft mounting plate.










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